Fabricación de Precisión S.A.

Fabricación de Precisión S.A.

Carretera Panamericana, km 94 1/2 León- Chinandega. Contiguo a Agro-alfa. - León - Nicaragua

WWW http://www.plastiquespv.com/
Precision Manufacturing is a company with Canadian capital, has years of experience in Central America, are part of PV industries, well-established and recognized company in the field of corrosion resistant (fiberglass) composite materials, dual laminates and thermoplastic based in Rigaud, Quebec founded since 1980.

In precision manufacturing, we specialize in fiberglass, offer and we make different, equipment and systems for wastewater treatment (sand filters, lamellae, air purifiers) whether sewage product municipalities or communities, wastewater produced by various industrial processes. We also manufacture storage tanks of any size and capabilities, grease traps, fiberglass shelters (booths), linings for pipes and tubes of different sizes and diameters, poles for power distribution, telecommunications.
We are a factory that designs and produces according to the needs of each client, depending on the project you are working.


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