Restaurants in Nicaragua

Restaurant and discoteka kaoma is located in the center of the city of san carlos with a panoramic view of the majestic lake nicaragua and the.

Restaurante y Discoteka Kaoma

Restaurant and Discoteka Kaoma is located in the center of the city of San Carlos with a panoramic view of the majestic Lake Nicaragua and the San Juan river, offer More...
De Enacal 100 Varas al Lago - San Carlos - Río San Juan - Nicaragua

Restaurante Mi tierra

Business with 2 years of opening with a variety of national dishes, presentation of live music and sporting events.
Club social 2 c al sur 1/2 c al oeste Jinotega - Jinotega - Nicaragua

Hotels in Nicaragua
Redwood Beach Resort is a full service hotel and restaurant located one hour north of Chinandega and 3 hours from Managua. Located directly on the...

Hotel Mozonte

Enjoy one of the most precious treasures of Nicaraguans: Hospitality.

In Hotel Mozonte have a location in the heart of Managua. However, the most important is the warmth and personalized service More...
Pricesmart 1 1/2 cuadra al norte, Donde fue la embajada de Francia - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Carlos Alvarado

Restaurante Asados Don Pancho

- Specializing in grilled beef, chicken and pork.
- From the coals at your table
- Typical Food
Carretera Ticuante Km. 16 de la gasolinera Texaco 150 al Sur. - Ticuantepe - Managua - Nicaragua


Josseline's restaurant, located opposite the beautiful bay of San Juan del Sur, serving them with quality and professionalism for over 13 years. It offers great variety in cuisine, with seafood More...
Del Hotel Estrella, 50vrs al sur, Calle Pasaeo del Rey, San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua. - Rivas - Nicaragua

Chicken restaurants in Nicaragua
We offer the best grilled chicken pizzas besides rich pastas and grills. ...

South American restaurants in Nicaragua
Specialty fried rabbit, fried meat, steak, chicken breast, wings, shrimp, mofongo, rice manposteao and more. ...

Comedor El Callejon

We provide low-priced business lunch buffet
Supermercados la Colonia, 1 cuadra y media hacia el norte, media al este. - León - Nicaragua

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