Clinics and hospitals in Nicaragua

Distribution and sale of media use radiographic contrast: oral, injected, enemas.

Ultrasound & Hospital Service, S.A.

Distribution and sale of media use radiographic contrast: oral, injected, enemas.
Jardines de Veracruz, Rotonda 1/2 c. al Sur. Casa: B-11 - Managua - Nicaragua

Dra. Jazmina Gómez Tapia

Specialist in General Surgery, attending diseases of the gastrointestinal system, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, esophagus, stomach, colon; goiter surgery, gallbladder, breast, liver, pancreas, colon, (conventional and laparoscopic), neck, inguinal hernias, umbilical More...
Av. Real de Monimbò, del parque central 20 vrs al sur, Oficentro Masaya - Masaya - Nicaragua

Doctors in Nicaragua
We are a group of professionals: Lawyers in Infirmary dedicated to offer our services humanism, respect, responsibility, honesty and dedication. We characterized by the quality...

Clinica Esperanza -
Medical clinic, offers ultreasonidos, electrocardiograms, specializing in general surgery consultation and internal medicine. ...

Clinica Valle.Oftalmologia y Especialidades

We are an institution specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of the ocular diseases. In the field of ophthalmology, for the area of diagnoses, procedures and surgical interventions; it counts More...
Atamira D Este No. 99. Avenidada principal, esquina opuesta al BANPRO - Managua - Nicaragua

Consulta Privada de Ortopedia

Specialized medical care for trauma and orthopedics for adults and children
Clínica Báez.- Amador. semaforos lozelsa dos cuadras y media al norte. Altamira. - Managua - Nicaragua

Ortopedia y Trauma Dr Velásquez

Medical care of all types of musculo-skeletal injuries, fractures in adults and children. Surgeries with the best technology in the hospital you choose for your private care. Contact Us!!
Clínica Privada, Calle Principal de Altamira, Managua. - Managua - Nicaragua

Clinica Otto Cedron -
Center of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine founded in 1997 by the Dr. Otto Cedr?n in order to offer an integral attention to its patients,...

Clinica Diabetologica Angelus/Pie Diabetico

Del paciente atencion diabetic clinic and complicaiones, diabetic foot ulcers, alterations in glucose, electrocardiograms and realization of their interpretation, healing diabetic foot custom, home care, favorable costs, hospitalization services.
Iglesia San Jeronimo 1 Y 1/2 C al Norte. Frente a panaderia Tina Meza - Masaya - Nicaragua
Rpte: Dr. Carlos brahim estrada

Dr. Manuel Tercero Herrera. Médico Diabetólogo

Diagnosis and management of diabetic patients and prevention of diabetes in people at risk. Treatment of chronic complications of diabetes and related diseases. Multidisciplinary approach to the diabetic foot. Emergency More...
Hospital Metropolitano Vivian Pellas. Clínica de Diabetes.
Km 9.2 carretera a Masaya. - Managua - Nicaragua

Dr. Anibal López Membreño

PEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGY specialist congenital cardiac malformations
Costado sur de casa Pellas 3 c al oeste y 1/2 c al norte. Esteli Nicaragua - Estelí - Nicaragua
Rpte: Dr Anibal López

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